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With many years of international experience as a trainer to his name, Gerard decided to combine his daily craftsmanship with what he had been doing semi-professionally for years: magic!

Since 2007 Gerard no longer only acts as just a magician, but mostly as Magical Speaker. Gerard has given Magical Lectures in living rooms for small groups and in large halls for multinationals with hundreds of people in the audience.
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Gerard du Buf
Magical Speaker - Magic in Communication

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Please note: Magical Speaker Gerard performs in English and Dutch. Usually he's booked within the Netherlands. Most details about his readings are therefore available in Dutch. If there's an English translation available, you can click on the flag in the upper right corner.  Workplace Happiness is a good start.

Magic Lecture Happiness @ Work


Workplace Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. But becoming happy is both an art and a science. A technique you can master. Magical Speaker Gerard teaches you to become happier. Thanks to his tips, this lecture has a lasting effect. Whether you work from home or on location: (work)happiness can be achieved by everyone. Start working on your happiness now!

Other Magical Lectures ...


Gerard shares thought provoking tools from NLP and Positive Psychology you can use to shape your life. You'll gain insights into your patterns and have the tools to influence them. A fantastic lecture that truly delivers! Take control over your life. It's yours to lead!

Never too old

Learning something new keeps you young, especially when you learn something about how we perceive the world. New perspectives will make you happier. Have Magical Speaker Gerard inspire you as a Speaker and Magician. Remember, "You're never too old...!"

Work Culture

A deal is a deal and we do what we say we'll do. This applies to everyone except for... magicians! Discover what can happen if you DON'T do what you say. Magical Speaker Gerard presents an entertaining way to hold up a mirror to (y)our work culture.


Gerard will gladly work with you on your own topic (project) theme, or product, to co-create a customized magical lecture. Please contact us for a consultation. Your team, company, organization can look forward to a unique magical lecture.


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Need a special lecture on a specific topic? For personal development, positive psychology and perception, a Magical Lecture can bring you new insights. Many other speakers are available through OnlineEnergizers.com.
magisch spreker lunch meeting persoonlijk leiderschap


A shorter lecture for a break like a lunchmeeting is possible live, hybrid and online. Quality content combined with moments of wonder will create a great team spirit. With a pinch of magic, your lunch tastes even better!
magisch spreker leiderschap online meeting


Did your team or company achieve a goal or obtain a special certificate? Is a project festively started or concluded? A change of office, relocation or renovation are great occasions for a Magical Lecture
magisch spreker gerard du buf jubilieum zonnetje zetten online


Putting someone in the limelight with a bit of magic. Whether it's a new employee or a veteran retiring. Also a great idea for a birthday or dipoma ceremony. We guarantee it will be a magical party!
magisch spreker kerstman thema oud en nieuw nieuwjaarsborrel nieuwjaar bedrijfsfeest


A delightful performance or Magical Lecture for those extra special days. Have Santa Claus magically appear in your meeting! What about a magical New Year's reception or any other theme of your choice?
magisch spreker Gerard du Buf maatwerk online


We love to create a Magical Lecture, Magic Show or customized act for your occasion! Please indicate the subject, product or project. Together we will discuss the exact details. It'll be unique!


Depending on the location and the lecture, we work with a larger or smaller set. Gerard usually shows some close-up magic among the guests before or after the performance, to the delight of all!

magisch spreker Gerard du Buf live meeting


Magical Lectures work very well online: practical information is delivered in a magical way. You can book Gerard and many others through Online Energizers as well.
Goochelaar Gerard Magisch Spreker Online Energizers

Gerard has performed for the following companies - among many others - and has received many references.

Magical Speaker Gerard


Top magical entertainment

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Flexible and pro-active

Also available in Dutch

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