Workplace Happiness

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    Speaker on being happy at work

    For many years, Gerard du Buf has provided fantastic lectures as a Magical Speaker. His lecture on Workplace Happiness is in high demand.
    The unique combination of NLP training, Magic and Gerard's personal experience in business makes for a lecture that is both instructive and fun.
    Gerard's Magical Lecture on Workplace Happiness is applicable to both work and private situations. 

    A Work Happiness Lecture can be tailored with customization to a specific goal you want to achieve as a team.


    "Workplace happiness:
    Feeling happy at work!"

    In short

    We all want to be happy. In our private lives, but also at our job. A happy workplace is good news for everybody.  Science proves: happy employees are more innovative and successful. Everything starts with happiness. Your work as well.

    With this Magic Lecture you'll learn to increase your (workplace) happiness

    Tips and tricks to live a better life

    Does this all still sound a little tóó miraculous to you? Read on! In his Magical Lecture on Happiness, Gerard gives clear examples on the theory and practice of happiness and well-being, illustrated with his best magical tricks. You'll be educated and amazed at the same time.

    Most importantly: you'll receive handy tips that you can work with yourself on a daily basis. Simple, clearly explained exercises that everyone can practice during the lecture and beyond.

    Exercises that don't require finger dexterity! That's truly magical, right?


    Magical Speaker Gerard du Buf

    Gerard du Buf is a native Dutch speaker, but he performs in English as well. Gerard has many English lectures to his name and works for international companies.

    As we all know, workplace teams have become truly multi-national nowadays. Luckily magic is a language known to all!

    Want to book Gerard for an English performance? Great! Just click on the button below to get in touch. 

    Find out more details in Dutch on Gerard's Werkgeluk page.



    Take a look here for many references. (In Dutch)
    Magical Speaker Gerard has performed for many companies, including ...

    • I really learned a lot in this workshop and it was fun to listen to. I think this presentation on personal leadership and workplace happiness can help everyone in their work and personal life.
      After an online lecture in English for ORTEC
    • Gerard gave an energetic, interactive presentation Workplace Happiness at our Innovation Day. Inspiring! He gave us practical pointers to get more balance between work and private life. No luxury for consultants.... We are still practicing the magic trick he taught us. Thanks on behalf of the team.
      Lars Pijlman - Director Seinpost/ZKA
    • We enjoyed your enthusiasm and passion during the performance immensely. Beautiful contemporary examples with appropriate (and perfectly) performed magic tricks. Great!
      Marco & Martine Godschalk - Besi

    Magical Speaker Gerard

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    Flexible and collaborative

    Ideal for multi-lingual teams

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