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A public speaker with Magic


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Magical lectures

Magical lectures are lectures with good content but also with special magic effects. A magical lecture is a guaranteed succes for business events, congresses and other special events. Some of the available lectures:

  • How to be a TopTeam?
  • Agreed is agreed!
  • Observations
  • The balance between work and private life


Perform magic yourself with a workshop magic. Group activities with a mix of magic, creativity and your event, company or message.

Every magical lecture is unique. The lecture will always be created specifically for you or an existing lecture will be completely customized to your business or event.
It is my goal to surpass your expectations.

If you have questions please contact Gerard.

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Gerard du Buf
(+31)(0) 6 5518 2487

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05 2012
Lecture How can we keep on being a topteam? now available.

03 2012
Social Media on website.

01 2012
This English version of site available.

06 2011
Now also on Twitter.

04 2011
Lecture Perception now available.

02 2011
Lecture Priorities in balance now available.